Windows: a Frame for Nature

Just like a great painting needs a great frame, windows need curtains and valances to gracefully present the outside world that they display. Different types of window valancesand treatments will make windows into wonderful displays of nature’s beauty. A simple valance, connecting two softly hanging curtains, might change your perspective on the outdoors completely.

Your Unique Home

No two homes are alike and no two windows display the same landscape outside. That’s why Pam will consider your specific needs along with the entire room and outdoor environment when suggesting unique ideas for window treatments. Different types of window valances, curtains, and treatments will keep the ultraviolet and the cold air out, if weather elements are an issue.

The Window Treatment Expert

Pam has a loyal clientele and consistent referrals when it comes to window treatments. In Fort Collinsand Northern Colorado, clients continue to trust Pam Lampe’s expertise and unique ideas for window treatmentsin their homes.
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