No project is too small—or too large.

Pam Lampe has recreated many Fort Collins interiors, including managing large-scale renovations. But much of her work has also focused on smaller projects like bedrooms, Loveland storefronts, and window treatments. As a full-service Colorado interior design firm, Home Matters offers a wide array of interior decoration, home & office organization, merchandizing and staging services.

Interior Design

interior designColorado interior design firms are often fiercely competitive—and Pam Lampe keeps up with the best of them. She maintains a loyal clientele; her clients are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about her gentle hand and keen eye. See the Living Spaces and Working Spaces pages for specifics on what she can bring to your home or office.

Home Staging

home stagingNeed to sell your home in or around Fort Collins? Interiors and presentation will make all the difference. Pam has had notable success with her home staging projects. Clients will tell you it is a result of her fine-tuned understanding of what potential buyers need to see to be convinced to buy YOUR home. See the Home Staging section for photos and details.

Interior Decorating Consultation

interior design consultationHire Pam by the hour to pick her brain about home decorating ideas, space management, the procedure to redesign interiors in your particular home or office, and which of your existing furniture pieces and accessories you might feature in a room. See the Ask Pam page for a taste of her advice… for free!

Window Treatment Design

window treatmentA slight alteration to your windows can make an enormous change to your living room, kitchen, baths, or bedrooms. Loveland and Fort Collins clients are amazed when spaces are transformed by skillfully selecting fabrics and drapery styles—see our Window Treatments page to get inspired!

Color Consultation

interior designChoosing hues for your walls, carpets, or fabrics can be very frustrating without guidance from a true expert. Pam has a terrific sense of color and can quickly offer you paint and fabric options, helping you zone in on the best color solution for one room or your entire house.

Furniture Floor Plan

interior designDon’t underestimate how the placement of furniture can affect interiors. Fort Collins clients consistently call on Pam for the smallest bits of advice on their home and office floor plans. One item in the right corner can make all the difference in the feel of a room and how it welcomes your guests.

Furniture and Fabric Selection

interior designAs an active Colorado interior designer, Pam seeks out furniture pieces and interesting fabrics for her clients… even in her ‘off’ hours. Suppliers know her, as do antiques dealers; she has her finger on the best and most hard-to-access accessories and materials, and the talent for knowing JUST where they belong.

Carpet and Hard Surfaces Selection

interior designPam will make recommendations based on your needs for floors and countertops. Are you looking for comfort under your feet, or do your hardwood floorboards deserve a refinishing? What type and color of carpet will serve your spaces best? Will wood or granite countertops give your kitchen the feel you desire?

Kitchen, Bath and Built-in Storage Design

bathroomSpace is at a premium in most homes and offices. Pam has experience and creative ideas about storage, floor plans, and ‘flow’ that will make your kitchens, baths, and offices feel like a breeze to navigate. See our Living Spaces or Working Spaces pages for some of her ideas.

Holiday Decorating

holiday decoratingNeed decorating ideas for the Christmas season? Want to make this Thanksgiving or Halloween truly special for your family? Pam knows how to listen to your style needs, and where to find the accessories that will make your holiday decorating a cinch—and impressive to your guests!

Lighting Plans

interior designLighting alone can make a space feel either claustrophobic or airy, like a bungalow hideout or a sunny, open social room. Pam’s experiences with successful Colorado interior design firms have made her particularly knowledgeable about lighting options.

Product Selection, Procurement and Placement

interior designFrom the dishwasher facing to the flowers on the dining room table, Pam Lampe is known for her eye for detail. Product selection is everything when it comes to redesigning and redecorating a space. Familiar with local suppliers and with the various options for furniture, accessory, and appliance selection, Pam quickly knows where to go for just the right topiary or coat tree.

Project Management

interior designAsk her clients—Pam has a gentle way with people. If you’re looking for a person who will unify a work crew, oversee all elements of an interior decorating project, and be able to navigate the personalities, differing opinions, and multiple suppliers involved, Pam is a strong candidate. For more on what her clients say about her work, see our Testimonials page.

Floral Arrangement

floral arrangementSee the Floral Arrangements page for photos and details on Pam’s special strength—creating beautiful centerpieces and office/home-wide floral designs.