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Posted by: Pam Lampe - Home Matters Interior Design and Staging | May 6, 2010

This room shows contemporary mixed with traditional design. While the bookcases are a Craftsman style andsome of the accessories are contemporary, the window treatments, area rug, lighting and chairs make thisspace more traditional. Top: This contemporary bathroom shows how a little paint and a few accessories cantransform a room. Below: This bedroom shows how you can use out of the ordinary. The flowers are yardart and the room was pulled together with decals made to match the bedspread. (Courtesy Pam Lampe)

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Having a stylish living space in your homecan make all the difference and it doesn’t haveto be expensive.

Interior designer Pam Lampe, owner ofHome Matters which serves Northern Coloradoand a contractor for Ideas Unlimited in Long-mont, says anyone can refresh a room by simplyknowing what their design style is and whattheir budget allows.

Lampe explained the top design styles shesees in homes and offered budget-friendly ideasto help make a room feel new again.h

Tuscan: An Old World Style
Tuscan is a style that is inspired by the ele-ments of nature. Textured walls, stone, naturalgrasses and heavy furniture are often displayed.To update a Tuscan-themed room add a new piece of artwork that incorporates heavy frames landscape themes, Lampe says.

As far as accessories go, think black wroughtiron and bronze. Choose pillows and rugs thathave texture in fall colors, such as orange, sage,green or golden yellow.

Colorado Casual
A Colorado casual design often overlaps witha Tuscan style. Both styles are about incorporat-ing the Earth’s natural colors and textures.Overstuffed mircrofiber, suede and leather fur-niture is popular because of its easy mainte-nance.

To update your room think rustic. Placeburlap-styled drapes on a heavy metal rod orbuy a new area rug with a texture you can seeand feel. Accessorize with a ceramic vase orbronze statue.

Traditional Meets Sophisticated Country
In Northern Colorado, this style is often re-ferred to as sophisticated country, Lampe says,and is more casual than formal. Patterns can bemixed and floral arrangements are dominant insophisticated country decor.

Add a little something extra to your roomwith a still-life piece of artwork, or hangwashed-out cotton drapes on an antique brassor wood rod.

According to Lampe, another great updatewould be to mix and match striped and plaidthrow pillows in similar colors throughout the room.

A contemporary room would feature clean,simple lines without a lot of accessories. It isminimal in design, Lampe says.

To add to a contemporary room choose a sol-id or geometric area rug, or silky, metallicthrow pillows.

For a new piece of artwork think abstract.Lampe says she has had clients let their kidscreate the artwork for the room, giving it some-thing a little more personal.

Eclectic: A Little Bit of Everything
This design style can include any of thestyles mentioned above, but Lampe says it isthe hardest one to pull off. The key to makingan eclectic design style work is to have somekind of cohesion, whether it is with a color orthe use of texture. “You have to have somethingto pull it all together,”Lampe says.

A fun, personal touch that can be added toan eclectic room is to create a collage on thewall of family photos using old frames. Updat-ing throw pillows, possibly in a bright color,can also make the room pop.

Simple design rules

Before you get startedon updating your livingspace, Pam Lampe says tostop and think about whatmakes a room flow. Hereare some design rules tokeep in mind.

  • Artwork – Adding apiece of artwork to yourmain walls can give a focalpoint to a room, as well ashelp inspire a color ortexture that ties the roomtogether. Remember thebiggest wall in the roomshould have the biggestpieces on them. Lampesays it is important tokeep the scale of theroom in mind when buy-ing pieces. Also, keeprooms intimate by not lin-ing the walls with furni-ture, but create groupingsinstead.
  • Accessories – Lampesays accessories are im-portant because theycomplete the space. Ac-cessories can include pil-lows, floor rugs, vases andcandle holders. Acces-sories can also help indi-vidualize your space.
  • Window coverings – Window treatments canmake a huge difference ina room, because it addsvertical appeal, Lampesays.
  • Lighting – Lighting isoften forgotten and canadd a lot to a room.Lampe says homeownersshould think about am-biance lighting, overheadlighting and task lighting.Updating fixtures can besimple and make a big im-pact.
  • Paint – Adding paint toa room is a relatively inex-pensive update. Lampesays if you feel confusedwhen choosing a color, re-member to stick with acolor from the middledown on the paintswatch. If you are lookingfor a punch wall go with acolor from the middle up.To really spice things upinclude some of 2010s hottribal colors, such as sien-na red or orange.
  • Flooring – Changingout the flooring can alsobe a great update, espe-cially if you are doing a re-model. From carpet to tileto laminates, the possibili-ties are limitless.

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