A Home for the Holidays: Seasonal Home Decorating

Most of us have very limited free time to prepare their homes for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be great to have a professional help you with Christmas decorating ideas, buying Christmas table settings and decorations, and selecting accessories and fabrics for the many holidays you celebrate with your family?
Consider rustic holiday decorating around Christmas time—an old-fashioned take on one of the most spirited times of the year. Try decorating help around Thanksgiving time to give the turkey feast a more leisurely feeling. Let Pam Lampe share her modern holiday decoratingideas with you, assist you and your family with decorating your home for the Christmas season, and much more.

Deck the Halls…and the Dining Room

Decorating your home for the Christmas seasoncan be stressful and time consuming. With all the other things you have to think about, this is the lastone you have time for. That’s why Pam has been offering stress-free Christmas decorating ideasto her clients for years.
With all the friends and family that you’re entertaining during the Christmas season, you want your home to feel festive and welcoming. Christmas decorations add that special touch of coziness and warmth, and Pam makes it easy. She has access to a vast variety of tricks up her sleeve—from rustic holiday decoratingto Christmas tea towels, from door wreaths to festive flower arrangements…Christmas decorating ideasthat are perfect for everyone.

Decorating Ideas for All Seasons

See the Ask Pam section for advice on creative ideas for home decoratingsurrounding any holiday that you’d like to bring into your home. Consider it a free interior decorating consultation-offered by Pam, a celebrated expert in creating incredible spaces.