Revitalize your Workplace

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Home Matters brings experience and professionalism to office interior design and decoration. We have worked with many local businesses to update and revitalize their offices or commercial spaces. Our goal: to create a plan that meets your practical needs while reflecting your professional taste.

Office Interiors and Decorating

We work simultaneously on revitalizing office interiors and decorating new spaces with accessories that reflect your aesthetic choices. Our interior design ideas for office and commercial spaces will continue to bring your business to life years after our plans have been implemented—from furniture selection to the acquisition of valuable art pieces.

Corporate Interiors That Grow with Your Business

Dealing with the space, look, and feel of a corporate facility can be a stressful and daunting task. With Home Matters, the decorating process is smooth and simple. In each corporate interior design project we undertake, we make sure to reflect not only the brand and identity of the business, but the future vision as well. A good corporate interior design is something that grows with your business, as your business grows.

Inspired Commercial Interiors

Northern Colorado businesses have continued to turn to the interior decorator they trust for their commercial design needs. The proof is there: Pam’s commercial interiors and storefronts sell more. Home Matters has the experience to bring a needed vibrancy and skilled presentation to storefronts and retail locations. We work closely with our clients to understand and implement every detail of their commercial design vision.