Your home matters to us…after all, it’s in our name!

Home Matters was so named for the emphasis we place on recreating living spaces.

It’s Your Home, Not Ours

The feeling of being at home is so very important. Your home reflects who you are, provides comfort and shelter from the world outside, and houses the people and things you hold dear. Feeling completely “at home” in your home is priceless.

For years, Pam Lampe has worked to make her clients feel more at home in their living spaces.

Every home has its idiosyncrasies and challenges, and when you find yourself wishing for a nicer bedroom, bath, or dining area, you might consider just a redesign of certain rooms.

What design styles fit your tastes? Are you disappointed with the lighting in your house? How can you stretch the capacity of a small space? Interior design with an expert designer can solve a slew of issues about the home you live in.

Your greatest desires for your home

A residential designer like Home Matters can help brings your dreams to life.

  • Exciting, invigorating spaces
  • Sunlit, brightly-lit rooms
  • Organization in home offices and kitchens
  • Specific design styles and décor
  • …and much more.

Pam hears you when you say, “Redesign my home!”

She’ll start by asking you what you envision for your space. Is it a calming décor, or interior design styles that reflect contemporary design? Do you function better in open areas, or do you feel more comfortable in a small space? Interior design can work miracles for the feel, mood, and visual impact of your home.

When you’re looking for residential design assistance, Home Matters can offer large or small space interior design services that will expand your sense of what “at home” really feels like.