Living Rooms: Living Well

Living rooms usually get lots of traffic. It’s where the family unwinds, where you entertain guests, and where holiday events take place. Interior decorating can make all the difference in a living room to make it feel like a place people want to spend time—and a place that is undoubtedly yours

Home Matters can help on a small or large scale to make your living room the space you’d like it to be. Get Pam’s advice on furniture rearranging, or redo the room entirely, decorating with valances, adding furniture, and altering color schemes of carpets and walls..

Interior Decorating Services for Living Rooms:

  • Carpet Selection
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture Rearranging and Selection
  • Decorating with Valances
  • Color Selection (Walls, Trim, Carpet)
  • Space Planning