Refresh your rooms

Posted by: Pam Lampe - Home Matters Interior Design and Staging | May 6, 2010

This room shows contemporary mixed with traditional design. While the bookcases are a Craftsman style andsome of the accessories are contemporary, the window treatments, area rug, lighting and chairs make thisspace more traditional. Top: This contemporary bathroom shows how a little paint and a few accessories cantransform a room. Below: This bedroom shows how you can use out of the ordinary. The flowers are yardart and the room was pulled together with decals made to match the bedspread. (Courtesy Pam Lampe)


The Gifted Magazine Appearance

Posted by: Pam Lampe - Home Matters Interior Design and Staging | November 15, 2009

Funny how somethings just seem to come your way effortlessly while others evade you no matter what the effort.

This nicely written article on Christmas decorating was offered to me (yes offered) by the kind Amy Spagnola and her equally nice editor Kristi Miller. The “Gift of Giving” written by Kristi describes this principle and it warms my heart. Thanks ladies and I am honored to have your new magazine featured in my very first blog. How can I help you?

Decorating for the holidays Click here to read:

Denver Life Magaze’s “Seasonal Splendor”

P.S.  a portion of the subscription for The Denver Life Magazine goes to one of three charities.  You get to choose which one.