Ask Pam: Your Virtual Home Decorator

Have a problem room in your house?

Do you feel that a professional designer is outside your budget?

Design within Reach! Just ASK PAM.

Pam’s goal is to fulfill the vision that you can’t realize on your own. Whether it is a simple color scheme selection or a room redesign Pam can collaborate with you via the internet. She starts with input from you about the use, feel, color, mood, and even history of a room, any details you feel are important include in the form below. A clear plan unfolds and culminates with a detailed ‘makeover’ itinerary… with suggestions about how to improve your space.

How it works:

  • Send descriptions, photos or notes, and ask questions directly of Pam
  • Pam will assess the problems with your room, including floor plan, furniture selection, lighting, flow and décor.
  • You will communicate with Pam via email and phone to decide on next steps.

If you have questions, are looking for interior decorating ideas or if you would like a consultation about home decorating for your particular space… contact us.

Pam’s experience in interior design has made her an expert in the field…and she wants to share her knowledge with you! From resolving questions like “Why is interior design important?” to providing CUSTOM advice about dozens of unique situations, Pam’s guidance is invaluable to anyone thinking of redecorating, remodeling, or reinventing their home.

Why Is Interior Design Important?

Interior design can change your home into a place that perfectly reflects your unique taste and style. It makes your home a reflection of you so that you feel more at home in your home. Read more for Pam’s take on why purposeful interior decor is beneficial for all homes.

Yes! Give me some ideas on interior designs. Click here to ASK PAM about your problem room.

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